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There are lots of questions that come to mind when trying to play the perfect trip. The horror stories of the vacation gone wrong are boundless. Every now and then, something comes up on the local news about a traveller who got the short end of the stick on a supposed “hot deal” of a vacation, so people are naturally very cautious when it comes to booking a trip.

Think about it: somebody who gets two or three weeks of vacation per year and who decides to go on a trip for their two weeks of relaxation expects to get what they pay for.

We get all sorts of questions, where people are trying to get peace of mind about their choices for vacations.

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Our travel planning services

Travel Time – TPI Inc is a full service travel agency, specializing in helping families and couples create vacation memories with those they love. We want to make vacation planning easy and stress-free, and we ensure that our clients get the best value for their travel budget.

We can help anyone plan a dream vacation but we specialize in planning and booking travel for destination weddings, honeymooners and families. 

Groups of all shapes and sizes are traveling these days; we can help you find a trip that custom fits your needs. We have experienced the joys of such vacations and learned a few lessons along the way, so we understand the extra considerations required for group travel.

Traveling is a great experience, and sharing that experience with those you love is even better. It is a great big world out there – all yours to discover!

What our clients love

About our services

Timely, professional advice

Provided we have a ballpark timeframe and budget constraints to work with, we can give you feedback on your travel plans.

Answers to questions

Talking to an expert in the travel industry and knowing where to find reliable information is immensely helpful!

Peace of mind

Knowing that somebody has looked after all the important details of your trip and who'll help as needed is invaluable.


We go to bat for you if something goes wrong and take care of the headache dealing with the mess - leave it to us.

Looking after the hiccups

Trying to deal with lost luggage or cancelled flights on your own can be a huge stressor that you don’t want to handle.

We look after your needs

If you need to accommodate a disability, mobility, or have specific dietary restrictions you need help with, we can help!

Best value for your travel budget

We can help you make the best decision about which resort to visit or which cruise line to sail with to make sure you don't miss out.

Guidance, every step of the way

We make sure to communicate with you what you need to know at every stage along the travel planning process.

We'll find the best option for you


At Travel Time – TPI Inc there is a commitment to service excellence through ongoing education and training. We have achieved an array of certifications to better assist travellers in planning their well-earned journeys. Our team includes consultants who have earned recognition as:

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